Totalitaria - a fantastic journey from Nazanin Fakoor on Vimeo.


Les Halles de Schaerbeek 2016

Totalitaria is a performance installation inviting spectators into a permeable
maze of mirror films that questions our perception of reality. The participants navigate between both virtual images and physical encounters in a space that seems to transform one into another. Inspired by psychoanalytic research about mechanics of brainwashing and mental repression, Totalitaria aims to explore the inner labyrinth deep inside us, discovering a fictive space where self-censorship and self-sabotage become tangible. The borders between inner and outer space, performer and spectator, the self and the other are blurred in an ambiguous universe that addresses all senses. During the performance the audience is welcome to come and go freely, change perspective as they wish – situating the project somewhere between the structures of theatrical performance and gallery installation.

Concept, direction, installation and text: Nazanin Fakoor
Sound: Karl Ancia
Costumes and masks: Nazanin Fakoor
Make up and wigs: Valérie Locatelli

Performed by:
Claire Bourdet (violin)
Julie Mathevet (soprano)
Neus Barcons Roca
Mélissa Cornu
Nazanin Fakoor

With support from the Federation Wallonia-Brussels and the Flemish Community Commission of Brussels,
workspacebrussels, Les Halles, Bains Connective, La Bellone, Le Corridor and TAKT Dommelhof.